Strategic and M&A Advisory

Pegase Capital advises corporations, investors or entrepreneurs on mergers, acquisitions and related strategic matters

Mergers and Acquisitions

We evaluate potential targets or merger partners as well as financial and strategic alternatives. We advise on strategy, timing, structure, financing, valuation, and we assist in negotiating and closing transactions


We advise on sales processes and auctions. This encompasses the preparation of the transaction, the identification and engagement of potential counterparties globally, as well as tactical and technical execution of the project till its completion. We may also advise on financial and strategic alternatives to a sale, such as recapitalizations, spin-offs or carve-outs


Pegase Capital’s core business is cross-border. Our team is international and has a long and proven experience of conducting projects in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America.

FIG focus

We focus on Financial services and in partiuclar: Insurance, Asset gathering, Banking, payments.